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00. Introduction/01. Introducing Photoshop CS6.flv 22.01 MB
01. The New Features/01. The secrets of the dark interface.flv 11.41 MB
01. The New Features/02. Saving with Background Save and Auto Save.flv 9.94 MB
01. The New Features/03. Cropping with the altogether revamped Crop tool.flv 11.52 MB
01. The New Features/04. Using the consolidated Properties panel.flv 11.85 MB
01. The New Features/05. Exploring the searchable Layers panel.flv 16.05 MB
01. The New Features/06. Modifying multiple layers at a time.flv 16.61 MB
01. The New Features/07. Exploring the wide world of layer enhancements.flv 21.59 MB
01. The New Features/08. Using Content-Aware Move and Extend.flv 20.82 MB
01. The New Features/09. Using Content-Aware Patch.flv 10.42 MB
01. The New Features/10. Making powerful automatic color adjustments.flv 19.03 MB
01. The New Features/11. Exploring the brave new world of Camera Raw 7.flv 20.86 MB
01. The New Features/12. Using the new three-part Blur Gallery.flv 23.73 MB
01. The New Features/13. Working with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter.flv 20.69 MB
01. The New Features/14. Correcting wide-angle panoramas.flv 21.32 MB
01. The New Features/15. Exploring text and style enhancements.flv 14.80 MB
01. The New Features/16. Filling and stroking shape layers.flv 15.44 MB
01. The New Features/17. Aligning and stacking vector-based shapes.flv 12.96 MB
01. The New Features/18. Working with the Scripted Patterns feature.flv 13.65 MB
01. The New Features/19. Using erodible brush tips and airbrushes.flv 14.79 MB
01. The New Features/20. Working with the enhanced Liquify filter.flv 12.84 MB
01. The New Features/21. Exploring the new Oil Paint filter.flv 11.93 MB
01. The New Features/22. Selecting skin tones and faces.flv 16.10 MB
01. The New Features/23. Using the new Lighting Effects filter.flv 20.01 MB
01. The New Features/24. Editing videos in the Timeline panel.flv 29.26 MB
01. The New Features/25. Making editable 3D type.flv 28.15 MB
01. The New Features/26. Exploring 3D shadows and reflections.flv 21.40 MB
01. The New Features/27. Aligning and distributing meshes in 3D.flv 8.97 MB
02. Conclusion/01. Goodbye.flv 5.46 MB
Exercise Files/Movie files/ 20.52 MB
Exercise Files/Movie files/ 19.17 MB
Exercise Files/Movie files/ 18.36 MB
Exercise Files/Movie files/ 23.26 MB
Exercise Files/Movie files/Picking guitars.mp3 2.32 MB
Exercise Files/Raw pano photos/Pano_1_01.dng 11.77 MB
Exercise Files/Raw pano photos/Pano_1_02.dng 11.94 MB
Exercise Files/Raw pano photos/Pano_1_03.dng 11.63 MB
Exercise Files/Raw pano photos/Pano_1_04.dng 11.73 MB
Exercise Files/Raw pano photos/Pano_1_05.dng 12.38 MB
Exercise Files/Raw pano photos/Pano_1_06.dng 12.03 MB
Exercise Files/3D thriller type.psd 7.84 MB
Exercise Files/ACR7 Pont du Gard.psd 169.87 MB
Exercise Files/Adaptive wide-angle.psd 95.36 MB
Exercise Files/Adjusted couple.psd 23.54 MB
Exercise Files/Airbrush effect.tif 1.20 MB
Exercise Files/Aligned scissors.psd 7.09 MB
Exercise Files/Art installation.psd 17.93 MB
Exercise Files/Better bull lighting.psd 24.20 MB
Exercise Files/Block of grass.jpg 1.14 MB
Exercise Files/Bold adventure type.psd 25.88 MB
Exercise Files/Box of dreams.psd 12.17 MB
Exercise Files/Busy little Tinytown.psd 26.49 MB
Exercise Files/Chrome orbs.psd 74.26 MB
Exercise Files/Cropped & straightened.psd 27.14 MB
Exercise Files/Cyclist.jpg 584.75 KB
Exercise Files/Displacement drops.psd 2.23 MB
Exercise Files/Dotted coupon.psd 7.08 MB
Exercise Files/Electric storm.psd 9.62 MB
Exercise Files/Elements timeline.psd 9.43 MB
Exercise Files/Embossed numbers.psd 18.95 MB
Exercise Files/Extended grass.jpg 1.46 MB
Exercise Files/Faces.psd 7.66 MB
Exercise Files/Filmstock 50.psd 23.64 MB
Exercise Files/Final timeline.psd 18.74 MB
Exercise Files/Flat horizon.psd 22.11 MB
Exercise Files/Fotolia layered artwork.psd 137.34 MB
Exercise Files/Glass ornament.psd 18.45 MB
Exercise Files/Head tilted.jpg 1.20 MB
Exercise Files/Liquify settings.msh 24.19 MB
Exercise Files/Masked bird.psd 10.97 MB
Exercise Files/Moved model.tif 7.64 MB
Exercise Files/Multilayer panorama.psd 48.99 MB
Exercise Files/No model just medow.tif 7.65 MB
Exercise Files/Old jalopy.jpg 1.62 MB
Exercise Files/Oli paint effect.psd 14.96 MB
Exercise Files/Painted skin tones.psd 16.19 MB
Exercise Files/Pattern demo.psd 299.15 KB
Exercise Files/Pont du Gard below.psd 107.46 MB
Exercise Files/Pout magazine.psd 22.45 MB
Exercise Files/Power-auto correction.psd 7.60 MB
Exercise Files/Precarious workspace.jpg 6.16 MB
Exercise Files/Raised orbs.psd 74.26 MB
Exercise Files/Recovered image.psd 3.23 MB
Exercise Files/Romance text.psd 6.92 MB
Exercise Files/Scripted patterns.psd 44.96 MB
Exercise Files/Shiny bulb.psd 10.90 MB
Exercise Files/Shiny red materials.p3m 1.04 MB
Exercise Files/Sitting upright.jpg 1.10 MB
Exercise Files/Straightened pano.psd 116.31 MB
Exercise Files/Stylin romance.psd 7.15 MB
Exercise Files/Text on water.psd 9.23 MB
Exercise Files/The dark side of CS6.psd 3.20 MB
Exercise Files/The Elements.mp4 43.06 MB
Exercise Files/The perfect evening.psd 14.19 MB
Exercise Files/The three Ms.psd 9.43 MB
Exercise Files/Traffic comp.psd 27.29 MB
Exercise Files/Ventura City Hall.jpg 6.51 MB
Exercise Files/Washed-out portrait.jpg 1.62 MB
Exercise Files/Water drops.jpg 1.93 MB
Exercise Files/Water drops.psd 7.06 MB
Exercise Files/Water reflections.psd 17.61 MB
Exercise Files/Woman in grass.tif 7.68 MB
Exercise Files/Young man.jpg 933.22 KB
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