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01.Welcome.121s.mp4 6.78 MB
02.Introducing the Global Performance Cache.119s.mp4 5.20 MB
03.Exploring the global RAM cache.373s.mp4 19.53 MB
04.Working with the persistent disk cache.311s.mp4 13.17 MB
05.Looking at the Cache Work Area In Background feature.131s.mp4 7.10 MB
06.Introducing the ray-traced 3D renderer.166s.mp4 7.88 MB
07.Enabling ray tracing.232s.mp4 6.81 MB
08.Extruding and beveling geometry.258s.mp4 9.96 MB
09.Working with transparency and refraction.376s.mp4 18.07 MB
10.Adding reflections.262s.mp4 10.29 MB
11.Using environment maps.157s.mp4 7.19 MB
12.Targeting specific geometry.183s.mp4 8.19 MB
13.Bending layers.154s.mp4 9.44 MB
14.Considering quality versus speed.359s.mp4 16.75 MB
15.Creating shapes from a vector layer.235s.mp4 10.01 MB
16.Introducing visual effects features.93s.mp4 4.36 MB
17.Performing an initial 3D track.231s.mp4 14.46 MB
18.Refining the track.369s.mp4 24.23 MB
19.Creating a camera and layer.304s.mp4 17.94 MB
20.Compositing footage into the tracked scene.262s.mp4 20.91 MB
21.Working with shadow catchers.298s.mp4 15.92 MB
22.Exporting 3D Camera Tracker data.230s.mp4 10.36 MB
23.Tracking in mocha AE.354s.mp4 21.62 MB
24.Exploring the Rolling Shutter Repair effect.565s.mp4 32.71 MB
25.Variable-width mask feathering.427s.mp4 15.28 MB
26.Exploring other Pen tool changes.122s.mp4 4.37 MB
27.Introducing effects updates.101s.mp4 4.77 MB
28.Working with CycoreFX HD.482s.mp4 27.12 MB
29.Working with Adobe SpeedGrade .look files .404s.mp4 16.03 MB
30.A few other features and enhancements.137s.mp4 6.24 MB
31.Making upgrade decisions.171s.mp4 9.12 MB
Info/ 4.78 KB
Info/02.Introducing the Global Performance 4.97 KB
Info/03.Exploring the global RAM 4.88 KB
Info/04.Working with the persistent disk 4.93 KB
Info/05.Looking at the Cache Work Area In Background 4.91 KB
Info/06.Introducing the ray-traced 3D 4.85 KB
Info/07.Enabling ray 4.82 KB
Info/08.Extruding and beveling 4.87 KB
Info/09.Working with transparency and 4.88 KB
Info/10.Adding 4.82 KB
Info/11.Using environment 4.83 KB
Info/12.Targeting specific 4.84 KB
Info/13.Bending 4.43 KB
Info/14.Considering quality versus 4.89 KB
Info/15.Creating shapes from a vector 4.87 KB
Info/16.Introducing visual effects 4.84 KB
Info/17.Performing an initial 3D 4.87 KB
Info/18.Refining the 4.82 KB
Info/19.Creating a camera and 4.85 KB
Info/20.Compositing footage into the tracked 4.50 KB
Info/21.Working with shadow 4.87 KB
Info/22.Exporting 3D Camera Tracker 4.83 KB
Info/23.Tracking in mocha 4.84 KB
Info/24.Exploring the Rolling Shutter Repair 4.83 KB
Info/25.Variable-width mask 4.90 KB
Info/26.Exploring other Pen tool 4.86 KB
Info/27.Introducing effects 4.81 KB
Info/28.Working with CycoreFX 4.83 KB
Info/29.Working with Adobe SpeedGrade .look files 4.88 KB
Info/30.A few other features and 4.88 KB
Info/31.Making upgrade 4.86 KB
After Effects CS6 New Features.7z 1.11 GB
After Effects CS6 New 24.86 MB
After Effects CS6 New Features.rar 1.67 GB
After Effects CS6 New Features.7z 999.20 MB
After Effects CS6 New Features.rar 3.59 GB
After Effects CS6 New Features.rar 265.00 MB
After Effects CS6 New Features.r00 265.00 MB
After Effects CS6 New Features.rar 3.59 GB
關於我們 : 我們是基於BT協定的 DHT 資源搜尋引擎,所有的資源來自 DHT 網路爬蟲為 24 小時。所有的資料都是由程式自動生成的。我們不會存儲任何資源和種子檔,只進行索引BT meta 資訊,並提供搜索服務。
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